Dino/LEGO weekend

Last week was pretty tough at work, so I decided to spend the weekend free of all responsibility and just have fun! First I went back to Zilker Botanical Garden to see the DinoLand exhibit, which I had tried to see with my parents, but it was removed due to the hurricane scare. It's all setup again now, and there were lots of people out in the nice weather enjoying it. It was really cool to see life-size dinosaurs (all really detailed with beautiful colors) set against the natural trees and plants - it made them look so real (and instantly reminded me of Disney's Dinosaur, which used the same technique with CG against photographic backgrounds)! Walking along the path and seeing a giant dinosaur up ahead was really fun, and I had a great time taking pictures. After that I went to Toys R Us to buy a LEGO set to build, and I decided on another Star Wars set - the AT-AP Walker. I picked it because it was mid-price range with lots of pieces, and also because all my other Star Wars LEGO sets are ships, so this was my first land-based vehicle. I really enjoyed building it, especially the skinny legs (which are actually quite sturdy) and the cockpit interior. LEGO always brings a smile to my face!

View photos: DinoLand