The Art of Finding Nemo / Mark Cotta Vaz : 4 of 5

A while back I went crazy buying Disney art books, and I "accidentally" bought so many at once that I got way behind in reading them! I've recently decided to make an effort to give them the attention they deserve, and I really enjoying plowing into this collection of pre-production art from Pixar's Finding Nemo. As always, I was completely amazed at the talent of the many artists represented in the book, and it gave me that inspiration to do more creative things with my free time. Unfortunately, there are zero production stills - I would love to see final frames of the film along with the artwork that led to them, but these books always err to one extreme or the other! With that complaint aside, I loved the book, especially the spectacular pastel work of Ralph Eggleston - I could look at his use of color all day, and seeing the rough edges of the pastel line makes it even more exciting to me. Simon Verela's giant (and extremely detailed) charcoals are wonderful, too - I wish I could see them in person (the forward mentions that lots of pre-production art decorates Pixar's headquarters, which shows they are firmly grounded in the man-made art of animation, even though it all ends up as pixels). John Lasseter mentions in the text that this is only the "approved" pre-production art - I can't imagine how many books they could fill with the rest!