Dinner Club: Chef Eliza

Eliza breaks all Dinner Club records by serving up 10 dishes of Spanish Tapas!

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Funny truck

Just finishing up a lunch time swim, when I noticed a parked truck for a company that builds scaffolds. The side of the cab says in huge letters, "Erection Specialists". Too funny!

10 yummy dishes

Wow, Dinner Club was great last night! Eliza was the chef, and she made Spanish Tapas - 10 different dishes! It was so much fun to have a swim, then stuff our tummies outside in the nice evening weather. It sure is fun to "play grown-up" and sit around talking and drinking wine at a real dinner party.


Sunshine and wine

Yesterday I had my semi-usual glass of wine on my balcony in the bright light of the sunset. I love to take my iBook out there so I can listen to music, catch a few rays, and read a good book (I finished Sophie's World yesterday). Whenever I drink white wine in the sun, I always think of the Golden Vine Winery at Disney's California Adventure - I had a great time having a drink there with Dae, watching the Eureka parade. I hear the "mini-vineyard" is actually growing well!

Metropolis : 3 of 5

This anime is a kind of remake of the classic Fritz Lang film of the same name, but the similarities are few, actually. The plot involves a highly advanced future city, a class struggle between robots and humans, an obsession with power and immortality, and a beautiful young "super being" created to rule it all. The look of the film is incredible, with amazing CG environments and very simple characters (think Tintin meets Astroboy), but their interaction is wonderful, especially between Kenichi and Tima (the robot girl who doesn't know she's a robot). The music is interesting - it's mostly jazz, both standards and new compositions, all of which really fit the bizarre settings of the seedier zones of the multi-layer Metropolis. Unfortunately, I didn't really feel for the characters - I really enjoyed the movie, but it never completely took hold of me. I'd still call it a must-see anime, though!


Lunchtime run

I just took a quick two mile run during my lunch break - I can honestly say I don't think anything makes me feel as good as sweating in the sun and gettng physically exhausted. It's always tough to get started, but afterwards I feel like a million bucks! I'm really happy the sun decided to show itself during my run - it was overcast all morning.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Only my second visit to Tulsa since I moved to Austin - this time I went primarily to be in my pal Nick's wedding, but also to hang out with Dave and Jill (and stay at their place, too). It was fun to be a reader in a full-blown Catholic wedding (I even was complimented on my reading!), and I had a great time at the reception chatting with Larry and Patty, both from my old jazz combo, Stone Bluff. Dave and Jill took me to their new cabin in Arkansas - we built a fire and played guitars and sang, just like the "old days". It was cool to see their daughters, too, especially the transformation of a 6-year-old into a 14-year-old! Tulsa itself seemed so much smaller than I remembered, but it was the people than made this a fun trip!

Josie and the Pussycats : 4 of 5

I was sure I wouldn't like this movie, since I'm a semi-fan of the cartoon and I knew the film makers had changed so much. I'm happy to say I was shocked - yes, there are major changes to the premise of the Pussycats, but they really managed to keep the spirit of the story! The entire film is a hilarious look at pop marketing - logos are plastered everywhere(there's even a McDonald's shower with french fry sponges) and "produced" bands are made fun of (especially boy bands, with the movie's Du Jour singing Backdoor Lover). The girls are great, too - the music is totally Letters to Cleo, but I love that sound! The best line in the movie is Alexandra's response to "Why are you here?" - "Because I was in the comic book."

Tulsa wedding

Hello again, everyone! I had a nice time in Tulsa this weekend at Nick's wedding - it was a lot of fun reminiscing with everyone. It's amazing how fast time passes!

Yesterday I hit the 400 calorie mark on my DDR discipline! I'd like to get to 500 if I can find the time for all that groovin'.

Sophie's World / Jostein Gaarder : 4 of 5

I took a nice leisurely pace reading this novel, just to enjoy every word of the story, while learning so much making my way to the end of the book. Sophie's World is a fantastic "children's book" (if you can call it that) about a little girl and her mysterious philosophy teacher. Through the course of the plot, all of the philosophy lessons are presented in their entirety - often with more detail than my recent ACC course! The book is fantastic because the backstory keeps things moving along without getting stale, and the lessons are full of great of examples, since they're primarily aimed at children (although they are so in depth I can't imagine anyone younger that 15 reading them). If you're looking for a way to make philosophy "exciting", this is the way to do it (I was even recommended this book by a professor who told me, "It's the only book you need to read")!


American Legends : 3 of 5

Another Disney DVD, but rented this time (it's not an official feature release). This DVD contains four shorts about American heroes (so to speak), knitted together by James Earl Jones segments. Three of the segments are classics we've all seen on TV - Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan (the most interesting because Paul loses), and Casey Jones. The fourth feature on John Henry is brand new, featuring great music and exciting progressive animation - an effort is made to show pencil lines in a stylistic way. The lighting effects of John Henry hammering away a mountain to build a tunnel are really cool, too! Definitely not a DVD to buy (at least for me), but a really enjoyable set of short subjects.


Fun & Fancy Free : 3 of 5

Another Disney DVD purchase - I'm working on getting the older releases, since I haven't seen them in years, which makes watching them even more fun! Fun & Fancy Free is a "package feature", which Disney often released after World War II to get back on their feet. Generally they took what they had of stories planned for feature length movies and combined them, so Fun & Fancy Free contains Bongo and Mickey and the Beanstalk. I remember Bongo so well from my childhood, so it was nice to see it again. Mickey and the Beanstalk is great for many reasons - the last time Walt performed Mickey's voice, the inclusion of Mickey, Donald and Goofy, plus the incredible animation of the beanstalk growing. Beautiful and funny at the same time!


Tarzan : 4 of 5

I have finally committed to collecting all of Disney's animated features on DVD, so I decided to buy the great collectors edition of Tarzan (which was tough to find, since it was out of print in January!). This movie is even better than I remember - even Rosie O'Donnell's goofy voice can't ruin it. The amazing "deep canvas" process to create CG (yet still artistic) backgrounds is stunning, and the character action (especially of Tarzan himself) is incredible - watching him surf the moss on the trees is so much fun! Even though Jane isn't developed enough, she's still pretty interesting for Tarzan to become obsessed with, and I can even take the Phil Collins songs (I'm not so fond of him, but the rhythms are great and the lyrics truly tell the story)!


iTunes synchronicity

It's amazing how synchronicity works sometimes. I listen to my CD collection via iTunes nearly every day, randomly shuffling through over 4,000 songs. This weekend I'm traveling to Tulsa for my pal Nick's wedding, and out of the blue today my iBook started playing Tear Stained Eye by Son Volt. I haven't heard this song in years - the amazing coincidence is that one of my bands in Tulsa, Empty Pockets, used to play this song! I used to play congas with brushes and sing harmonies, too - it was such a nice, relaxing band. I remember playing several times in the park by the river, watching roller bladers and feeling cool. Most of my Tulsa pals have moved away, but I'm planning on having a fantastic time with my great friends Dave and Jill - my official Tulsa family!

Dinosaur : 4 of 5

I actually bought this collector's edition set several months ago, but after watching all of the fantastic background material, I never got around to watching the movie! (I guess that's not so bad since I had recently seen it at the theater.) I finally watched it to quench my growing need for Disney stuff in my daily life, and it's just as cool as I remember. I do need to say that the story never quite "gets me", which I really want from a Disney movie, but Dinosaur still gets a 4 for it's fantastic animation and effects. I love how all of the backgrounds are live action film, while the characters are CG on top of that (much like the incredibly cool Walking with Dinosaurs series, but they can talk). Now I really want to ride the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom again!

Passporter Walt Disney World 2002 : 4 of 5

Since I've decided to travel to Walt Disney World again this year, I'm starting to get the planning bug, which means reading guide books! The PassPorter always gets rave reviews from Disney enthusiasts, so I though I would give it a try. The best thing about it is the style of writing - the authors are real Disney fans and simply love the parks, which makes reading about them more exciting. I think the contents are a little sparse - there definitely is a ton of information, but I kind of like exhaustive detail. They also have a a great web site with current updates to the book and a great message board - all part of the package!


Dungeons & Dragons : 1 of 5

Yes, I played D&D when I was younger, and I still love fantasy movies. When this film came out, my friends and I knew it was going to be terrible, but I rented it anyway. Not only is it bad, but I couldn't wait for it to end! Even if you overlook the goofy acting and silly storyline, you have to face the terrible special effects - pretty much all of the establishing shots are CG, and they look just like a video game! To top it off, Jeremy Irons plays the villain in his worst performance ever - he must have needed to pay off a new car really bad that month. Only watch if you have a fetish for burly bad guys with blue lipstick.


Bell choir miracle

I don't know how we do it, but the bell choir always seems to come through - we played a couple of great performances of a pretty tough piece (lots of syncopation) today! It's not the first time that our best rehearsal ever has been during a service! It was a lot of fun, and a great way to end the "bell choir season" until Fall.

I was at Borders today with Tom and saw they had Ranger Rick in the magazine section. Wow, what memories! I subscribed to that magazine for around 5 years when I was in grade school. I used to love kiddie nature and science magazines! It's nice to see Rick is still kickin'.

I'm 99% sure I'm going to make my second trip to Walt Disney World this year! I'm already obsessed with information digging and planning - I can't stop reading WDW web sites and books. It's so much fun to be obsessed with something!

Evolution : 3 of 5

At last I'm watching a few movies with honest-to-goodness live people, rather than my usual cartoon stuff. Truthfully, so far nothing has been as entertaining as anime - Evolution was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. I actually expected this to be a much funnier movie with more Ghostbusters type jokes, but instead it was a pretty standard monster movie. The plot idea was interesting, but I didn't really care for the scientist characters, and none of the action was really exciting - it was just there. It's always amazing how a big budget film with well-known stars can get made with a so-so story (even with fart jokes)!


Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones : 5 of 5

Another three years have flown by, so it's time for the next Star Wars movie! I managed to keep up on all of the rumors and spoilers over the past months, so I have to say that I knew the entire plot beforehand, but that didn't lessen my joy a bit. I was prepared to be a little disappointed at the acting, but Haydn does a fine job at making Anakin seem torn apart emotionally - I was really impressed! Of course, the real star is the effects, and they live up to anything you can imagine - the arena battle is fantastic, and Yoda's fighting style is so cool. I also really enjoyed the intrigue of the plot - Palpatine is so crafty in his evil ways. It's fascinating to see the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire!

Ultra Chilled 02 : 4 of 5

Another fantastic Ultra collection - two CDs full of a great selection of stuff for a great price (and another nice model on the cover, too)! I was really happy with the original Ultra Chilled collection, so I was thrilled they were releasing another. I actually think this collection is better - there is a little wider variety of artists here, with a few more popular ones thrown in as crowd pleasers (but nothing too mainstream to spoil the mood). I think this one is much more "chillable", too - it is definitely soothing without being boring, but I wouldn't want to listen to it for an energy burst!

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back : 3 of 5

You have to be in the right mood for this kind of humor - thankfully, I watched this DVD at just the right time and had fun! Kevin Smith manages to get one more story out of these two bizarre dudes from the original Clerks, and goes all out to just make this movie ridiculous. By far the best aspect of the film is the way it makes fun of itself - in the same way, there are tons of cameos by big stars making fun of themselves, too (Ben Afleck and Matt Damon are absolutely hilarious)! I've got to admire Kevin Smith - he has elevated geekdom the same way Martha Stewart has elevated neat freaks!


Kylie Minogue / Hits + : 3 of 5

Now that Kylie is becoming more popular, they are starting to release some of her older material in the US. Hits + is a collection of Kylie's hits from the past few years, and I decided to check it out since I'm really excited about her newer work. Even though it's a fine album, it was a little disappointing for me - I was hoping for more retro disco with catchy hooks and attitude-filled lyrics, but instead it's mostly just pretty good pop. There are definitely some excellent tunes here, but I don't think I'll be exploring much more of Kylie's older stuff if these are the hits! I think Light Years has completely spoiled me.

Go Yoda!

Wow! Episode II was even better than I hoped! I was worried about Anakin's acting performance after seeing some of the trailers (especially because he has a bad habit of saying "Obi-One" rather than "Obi-Wan"), but the focus on his inner conflict and emotional turmoil was so well done! They really made his slow journey to the dark side start to make sense. Of course, the action is incredible - from Yoda's fighting to an amazing arena battle. I'm guaranteed to see it at least two more times (and I'll post an official Last 5 review soon)!


Chef Mikey

Last night was Dinner Club and it was my turn to play chef! I used to cook quite a bit many years ago, but I really haven't put together a serious meal since I've moved to Austin, so I'm way out of practice. I'm happy to say that everything went well and the dinner was actually good! Thanks to All Recipies, I was able to find a nice menu of "tropical" food, with a main dish of chicken & bananas! I was especially happy with my strawberry almond pie, too - yummy!

Tomorrow is Star Wars day, fellow Jedi - I'm so stoked to be going on opening day!

Dinner Club: Chef Mikey

Mikey cooks for the first time in years - will the Dinner Club survive the treacherous chicken & bananas?

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LEGO books

Today my pal Tom and I walked to Borders and Barnes & Noble - it was nice to be outside for the walk, and fun to shop around. I noticed in the Electronics section that there were at least five giant books on LEGO Mindstorms programming! I have always contemplated getting into Mindstorms (LEGO robots), but I can't believe there are so many books - even Mindstorms for Dummies!

I'm proud to be a poser - today I wore an O'Neill T-shirt and boardshorts (both from LA). Surfers have such great clothes!

Rigoletto : 4 of 5

One of my favorite operas, Rigoletto is such a great combination of emotional drama and fantastic, exciting music. This performance was at City Coliseum rather than the Bass Concert Hall, and ALO did a fine job of making the most of this non-traditional space. It was kind of like watching an opera in a basketball court, but that made the distance between the audience and performers much more intimate. The performers were wonderful, even better at acting than singing (though the singing was spectactular, of course). There were some great special effects, too, including great lightning and water effects, all done with amazing lighting.

Jedi Quest / Jude Watson : 4 of 5

Jedi Quest is a story to kick-off the new series to replace Jedi Apprentice, and I was a little concerned at first - how could it be as wonderful as the Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon tales? All I can say is wow - Jude Watson is going to do a fantastic job with the Anakin/Obi-Wan relationship! Now the depth of Obi-Wan's character is even stronger, since we've watched him grow up in 18 other books, and it's cool to see him try to follow in Qui-Gon's footsteps with Anakin. This plot is really bold, too, involving a slave trader, which of course gets to Anakin at the core - we immediately get insight into what's "going wrong" inside him. The story also blends past characters from Jedi Apprentice, along with appearances by Chancellor Palpatine (boo, hiss)! Excellent Star Wars candy!


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron : 5 of 5

What a fantastic movie - Dreamworks is really working hard to produce some beautiful animation! I was able to see this at a sneak preview two weeks before opening day, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The scenery is majestic, the action is exciting, and the emotion is just right (of course, Mikey was in tears). I loved how even though the story is narrated by the horse (Matt Damon), the animals never actually speak in the movie - they just communicate with horse noises (and very well!). The only thing bad I have to say is the Bryan Adams songs really show off why he should remain a has-been, but other than that, this movie is wonderful!

Biking again

I rode my bike for the first time this year - it was a little harder on my legs than I remembered, but it was a lot of fun! It's so nice to feel the sun and the wind, riding past people working in the yard or playing tennis. Now I just have to get my quads in shape (or maybe I shouldn't have played DDR for 45 minutes before riding)!

Sakura Diaries Vol 1 : 4 of 5

This is a little embarrassing, but this is one of the most enjoyable anime series I've seen in quite a while - watching made me laugh out loud and put me in a cheery mood! This is basically an animated teen romance soap opera - there are no mechanized creatures, no mystical forces, and no space creatures - just a simple love triangle. The plot involves a simple small town boy who wants to go to college in Tokyo. He is "stalked" by his super-cute high school age cousin, who loves him, while he is after a college age gal who looks like a model. Throw in lots of PG-13 soft-core humor and you've got a charming story - I can't wait to watch the next DVD!


Cardcaptor Sakura Vol 1 : 3 of 5

I've seen almost every episode of Cardcaptors (the US version of this anime), and really got into the storyline, but I kept reading how much better the original Japanese version was, so I decided to rent it to try it out. Everything I read was true - every episode has a much different tone and mood to it. There is so much more interaction and development of Sakura's family, and I really love the cute crush on Yukito (Julian), which was so played down in the US (not to mention Tomoyo's (Madison) crush on Sakura - that would never do for the WB!). I guess I'll just have to watch all of these episodes again!


DDR Konamix

Today I finally bought Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (the second US DDR mix). So far it's really fun! I've played most of the songs before on all of my Japanese mixes, but it's cool to have all of the hits combined into one game - I've review it after I play it for a few days.

Frequency / PS2 : 4 of 5

This was a great Christmas gift from my parents (which shows how much I've neglected reviewing games), and I've had a lot of fun playing it! It's a difficult game to describe - it's basically a beat game (like DDR), involving pressing a specific button to the beat of music. The graphics are cool, moving you through an abstract landscape of music, where you build "tracks" of different tunes (all excellent and by well-known artists) to construct the complete song. It's really mesmerizing - I love creative and unique games like this one!

Newsies : 3 of 5

I decided to rent Newsies after hearing a few of the songs on MouseInfo Radio, and I really enjoyed it. This was Disney's attempt to revive the live-action musical, and even though it was a flop, it has a huge cult following (there are tons of Newsies web sites). The story is based on the actual child labor strike in turn of the century New York, which is a strange subject for a musical, but it's really entertaining anyway - the dancing is really energetic, too. Christian Bale plays the main character with a super-heavy New York accent - I can't believe he would later play the lead in American Psycho! Too bad this didn't start a musical revival - that would have been nice.


My terrace

I really like my terrace (balcony, porch, or whatever you call the thing that sticks out the back of my condo). Now that the sun sets so late, I can always catch some nice horizontal rays between 5:30 and 7:00 - it's great to crank up iTunes and relax in the hot sun.

Trigun Vol 7 : 3 of 5

A great continuation to this cool series, though not much more is revealed into the lives of the characters. We get to see Vash and the Priest go back to the Project Seeds ship still in orbit (the last one, since Knives destroyed the others so long ago). Vash gets a new arm, and we find out that he doesn't really age (or at least ages super slowly). Then the Gung-Ho Guns show up and everything goes crazy - lots of great fighting ensues, which brings up conflict between Vash, who believes in never ever killing, and the Priest, who believes in doing whatever needs to be done to stay alive. Still, I'm ready for Legato to show up - time for some showdown action!

Jedi Apprentice 18: The Threat Within / Jude Watson : 4 of 5

My beloved Jedi Apprentice series is drawing to a close - in fact, there is only one more "special edition" story left (a half Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan and half Obi-Wan/Anakin tale). This particular story was a good one, with medium-level action and plenty of character interaction, which is what I've always enjoyed about this series. The basic story is about children rising up against their parents in a society that only works and never has any fun, but it's really only a metaphor for the relationship between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. One scene includes a great lightsaber sparring match in which both of their thoughts are narrated - Qui-Gon is very proud of Obi-Wan (and he should be). I can only hope that the next series with Anakin will be half as good as this!


The clones are coming!

I'm already psyched for next week - I've got tickets for opening day of Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and it's going to be a blast! My pals Chris, Barron and Ryan, loyal fans one and all, will be going with me - we all used to work together, so it will be extra cool getting together again. Come on, May 16th!

Spider-Man : 5 of 5

When I first started collecting comic books, I was strictly a Marvel fan, so I had tons of Spider-Man comics. Just like everyone else, I loved the fact that Peter Parker was a brainy nerd with a secret bad-ass life - Spider-Man was simply the best. And now, Spider-Man is a fantastic movie! The effects are great, but more importantly, the plot sticks very close to the comic book origin, which I really appreciate - right down to the essential advice, "With great power comes great responsibility". Of course, there are organic web-shooters and no Gwen Stacy, but Kirsten Dunst more than makes up for it with her cute Mary Jane (and they even managed to sneak "Tiger" in there). I'm glad they are already planning Spider-Man 2!


Ice Age : 4 of 5

I finally got around to seeing this movie, mainly to support full-length animated features in general, and I was really surprised - Ice Age is a great movie! The original trailer with the "saber-toothed squirrel" was hilarious, of course, but when I saw that the plot was basically "3 Men (animals) and a Baby", I was concerned. Thankfully, the character development is so well done that the poop jokes don't take over the show. The animation is very interesting, with some amazing snow effects (though I'm not too fond of the angular tusks on the mammoth). Best of all is the story, complete with a Disney-esque moral about friendship - heartwarming and fun!


I really like seeing blockbuster movies on opening day - I actually like the crowds and the feeling of excitement you get from sitting in a theater of cheering viewers. So, buying tickets on the web in advance of the show is one of the best things ever, and Fandango has done it right! The site is very easy to navigate and has lots of extra features like movie reviews, but of course the main feature is ticket purchasing, which is a breeze. At the theater, there are neato kiosks that spit out your tickets as soon as your pop in your credit card. I have managed to get to so many movies that sold out using Fandango (and my pals and I already use it as a verb, like "If you want to go, I'll Fandango the tickets").

Visit site: Fandango

DDR Freak

There are quite a few DDR sites on the web, but DDR Freak is the best of the bunch. I check this site practically every day, mainly to read the latest posts to the forums, which are always busy with the freshest rumors on home mixes, dance pads, arcade tips, and so on. The site also has some great reference material - you can look up the step patterns to any song on any mix if you want to study them, plus find out hidden codes to unlock different modes of the game. They have also sold some great DDR Freak T-shirts (I have them all and wear them proudly)!

Visit site: DDR Freak

Macaroni Grill : 3 of 5

I've eaten quite a few lunches here with my friend Jennifer, but I never got around to reviewing this place. My first Macaroni experience was in Tulsa, where I thought it was very cool - I loved the cheap chianti and everyone thought it was great that the bathrooms have the opposite sex posted on the door when you're leaving. As far as Austin goes, there are some good dishes here and easy lunch specials, but I wouldn't call it spectacular, since there are so many other great restaurants to choose from. But for lunch, they are pretty fast and tasty - their bread dipped in olive oil is the best part of the meal.

Carlos 'N Charlies : 4 of 5

First let me say that this WEBmikey rating isn't for the food, which is OK, but not the reason that I like this place. I mainly go to Carlos 'N Charlies for the view and the atmosphere - it sits right on Lake Travis (complete with it's own dock), and you can sit in the open air and watch the lake and spot all kinds of interesting folks in their expensive boats. The whole place is super cheesy-tropical, but that's why I like it - being there really feels like I'm on vacation! Even when it's crowded it feels laid back, and the margaritas (which are very tasty but a little weak) help to move that feeling along.

Joke and a bagel

Yesterday I stopped by Einstein Bros for a bagel sandwich (I love the Tasty Turkey), and there was another guy there waiting for his order. When our sandwiches were ready, the bagel guy brought them out and said "Order ready for Michael, Jordan" (turns out the other guy's name was Jordan). Everyone started laughing.

Stella played a fun gig at Gilligan's last night - it's always weird playing in a restaurant, though. You have to play so quietly that it feels like a library! Later in the evening when things loosen up it's a lot more fun.


Dave & Busters : 3 of 5

I love to go to D&B, but mainly to play video games (though I will never forgive them for getting a Pump It Up machine rather than the superior DDR). Every now and then I'll eat there with friends, and while it's pretty good for a Friday lunch, it's nothing spectacular. The atmosphere is cool, and of course the games are great, but there really isn't anything marvelous on the menu except for Bar Burgers, which I pretty much order every time. They used to have neato waffle fries, but they switched to regular boring fries recently. I'll stick to enjoying the games and just eating there out of convenience.

Awesome gig

Man, GAH gigs just keep getting more fun - we really rocked last night! There was a nice crowd with some new faces (friends of our new singer, Conrad), and Stella even showed up to support us. The new songs went over well, too - Ernesto's "bull horn solo" on CHiPs was a big hit!


DDR sweat

I've been having fun playing DDR lately (of course) - my newest thing is to play Diet Mode (which counts calories based on your weight and number of dance steps), and increase my goal by 10 calories a day. I started with a 200 calorie goal, and today I just did 310 calories - I don't think I've missed a day! I've been switching between the various mixes to keep it fresh (but I wish 3rd Mix had continuous play for Diet Mode!).

Now I'm trying to stop sweating before I leave for my gig tonight - GAH is playing at the Carousel, and we have a new singer to break in, plus two new cool songs: CHiPs and Starsky & Hutch! I'm going to wear my new Hawaiian shirt that I ordered from Honolulu (because if it's not from Hawaii, it's not an Hawaiian shirt).

It has come to my attention (from a certain gaijin) that I write too much about blogging rather than about me. Never fear, I will endeavor to improve! I promise to include many more boring/interesting details about what I'm doing, thinking, and buying. So there!


Blogging reviews

I blogged some more old DVD reviews tonight (I still have lots to go). These are scattered throughout the past, so don't bother digging for them - I'm just trying to get Last 5 completely converted. I did add one new DVD review, though.

Fantasia : 5 of 5

Of course, I've owned this DVD since it was released in the box set with Fantasia 2000, but I haven't reviewed it here, and I just watched it last weekend yet again. I love the experience of the full version on this DVD - the complete narration (by the guy standing in the orchestra pit), the intermission (we get to see the orchestra leave and then return), and the fantastic, colorful restoration. Every cell of this film is a masterpiece - just thinking of all the air-brushing, dry-brush, and hand painting boggles the mind! Fantasia gives me such a great feeling - when the Ave Maria comes up at the end, I can't help but to smile and sigh.


Adventure for lunch

I was looking for a little adventure at lunch, so I drove all the way to the lake and ate at Carlos 'N Charlie's! It was so fun to drive fast in the heat with all the windows down, have a quick burger by the lake (and watch someone learn how to park a boat), and then drive back - all within my normal lunch time. It was just like the weekend for a hour! I encourage everyone to find a way to put a little weekend in their week.