The Aoidai

I was surprised when I found this college paper recently that I wrote for a Classical Culture class. It's a little play in the style of Greek Tragedy (complete with verse-speaking chorus) that reads like a Twilight Zone episode (with a cameo from Aristotle, no less). You'll enjoy this more if you're familiar with the plays and the style, but I think it's fun regardless of your background. By the way, "aoidai" is Greek for "playwrights".

Cast of Characters
Eponymous Archon
Watchman of Argos, who saw the signal fires after the fall of Troy
Herdsman of Thebes, who gave away the infant Oedipus
First Child, slain by Medea
Second Child, slain by Medea
Chorus of Greek Playwrights
Citizens of Athens and Elsewhere, silent parts

The Theater of Dionysus at Athens, during the Great Dionysia Festival. A soldier, shepherd, and two children stand at the rear of the stage. The citizens in the Theater are filled with fear and attempt to leave their seats. The Eponymous Archon stands center stage and speaks.

My good citizens! People of Athens and many other lands, I implore you! Please remain where you are and see what is to pass.

I was as shocked as the weakest of you when the storm clouds suddenly appeared. Did I not also cry out as the thunder rolled and the very earth seemed to open? My fears joined all of yours as the commotion ceased and I saw our "guests" standing here before us all. Yet I will not run from the unknown and neither should you. Without a doubt, the gods are working here. The power we have witnessed is undeniable. We must stay and see what wisdom will be revealed, whether we laugh or cry.
The crowd returns to their seats. The Chorus of Greek Playwrights enters and moves slowly around those on stage, keeping their distance.

Without warning you came
In a tumultuous roar of quaking earth and thunder.
You four, without name,
Who have torn our competition asunder.
Why, in such a specific time,
Have you arrived while we are gathered today?
We, who work in meter and rhyme,
Wonder what you will say.

Watchman, Herdsman, Child and Child,
Will your words be harsh or mild?

A soldier, boldly you stand,
And look upon us with your unblinking eyes of fire.
Argos would seem to be your land.
What could be your just or evil desire?

A simple shepherd, staff by your side,
Your aged energy spent in your intent stare.
What thought within could you hide
As our eyes meet your disturbing glare?

Two children with unblemished flesh,
You should be playing or learning lessons true.
Yet maturity has replaced what was fresh.
We fear what discourse will come from you.

Watchman, Herdsman, Child and Child,
Will your words be harsh or mild?

Though we are unsure if the future is bleak,
We ask you who stand before us, speak.
The Watchman advances towards the Chorus and speaks.

Long have I thought of this time. Long have I wondered what you would look like. You, who have chosen to govern the lives of men as if you were the gods themselves! Let me be the first to tell you, your appearance does not represent the power you hold.
What power do you speak of? Surely one of power would be able to discern who you are.
By Olympus! You have designed our very lives and yet do not recognize us?
We do not.
O shame! What could be more disgraceful than to be unknown by your creators, even if they are as cold as you who stand before me? I shall tell you who we are and our purpose here, and may you shudder to hear our stories!
Tell them now!
First Child
Yes, quickly!
We four are the reality of the tragedies you have written. You poets, for the sake of entertainment and vain honor, have set down our lives in a most sorrowful way. Through many prayers and offerings the gods have seen fit to give us substance and voice that we may demand justice!
Can this be? We cannot believe such miraculous talk!
Yes, my makers, we are truly real. And now, since you seem to have forgotten your crimes against us, we will remind you of our suffering!
We will listen in amazement!
You have discerned by my armor that I am a soldier of Argos. It was I who stood watch night after night, left only to my dark and despairing thoughts, by command of Queen Clytemnestra. I was to look to the horizon for news from distant Troy, by way of signal fires she herself had designed.

One evening I stood, wondering if my duty would ever end, when I saw a flame in the distance at long last! My heart leapt for joy! My King Agamemnon was coming home in victory! I longed to tell the Queen immediately, though for some reason I could not fully trust her. I was soon to find out my suspicions were true!

Tragic news travels quickly. Soon I knew that Clytemnestra had killed my King and his Trojan mistress! O, the pain I did feel at that moment! To know that I was the herald that announced his coming! I informed the Queen of his return, only so she could begin her foul plan to end his life! Do you not see how the blame has fallen on me? O, how I wish my suspicions would have led me to somehow warn the King!

I have lived long with this grief. I am a faithful and just soldier, and not deserving of this torment! Yet you have inflicted this pain upon me! You have written this suffering into my very life! Is there justice in what you have done?
Wonder and amazement!
Your words have pierced into our minds!
This news is so unusual,
So strange and unexpected,
Could we have been so unkind?

Your tale is certainly true.
We now remember the plot well.
But we did not write your feelings or moments
After Agamemnon's knell.

It's so difficult to understand
The authority of our hands!

We do sympathize with you.
We see your wounds are deep.
But surely we did not
Realize our terrible deed!
We have not lost any sleep!

It's so difficult to understand
The authority of our hands!
You deny what you have done?
We are unsure!
Have you written my life?
Only as history has told us.
But you control history! You have rule over minor events! Could not the dreaded Clytemnestra herself have seen the fires from her chamber window?
And I would be spared this guilt!
But we had no ill intention! We speak the truth!
Outrage! What do you who are heartless know of truth! I will hear no more. Listen now to the tears of another.
The Watchman steps back as the Herdsman approaches the Chorus.

The withered hand of Time has touched my body with age. Without a doubt, I am old and many years have taken their toll on me. Yet I tell you that the wrinkles in my face are canals carved by tears of grief! My tunic is stained not with dust, but bitter lamentation.

In my youth, I was raised in the house of King Laius, the most noble of men. His other servants taught me the ways of the flocks, and being one preferring a quiet life, I soon became a shepherd of Cithaeron. I wouldn't say I was better or worse than the King's other men, but Laius did encourage me often and made known his trust in me. I yearn that I might have been thought criminal instead!
Why would you desire dishonor?
For this trust extended to the handing over of his newborn son! An oracle was known that this boy would kill King Laius, as I was told by Queen Jocasta as she gave the infant to me. She instructed me to leave the boy to die, and I agreed. Yet, my fragile emotions were soon to have other plans.

My heart cried out louder than the babe as I pierced his tiny ankles! I could not bear to leave such innocent life on the hillside to die! I sat and wondered what to do.

Soon, another herdsman who I had met many times before passed by. Instantly I begged him to take the child, knowing he could grow and live a full life in other country. As my friend left with the boy, I felt much relieved. But o, what a day of deception that was!

Years later, when I looked as you see me now, I had to confront that infant as a man. I was forced to tell of my betrayal of the Royal Family who loved me. I saw the pain in the Queen's eyes as she she realized what I had done! Yes, I stood before Oedipus, full of anguish, and he knew that I could have prevented his misery! How could you men of dominion, profane though you are, have given such a life to a simple herdsman? What have you involved me in such a dreadful story?
Another familiar tale, that is certain.
Many times has it crossed our stage.
Yet let us examine the meaning of guilt
And perhaps calm your rage.

Oedipus, of whom you speak,
Was neither foolish nor extremely weak.
Vile incest and patricide,
Surely crimes from which to hide,
Yet Oedipus had no evil mind.
He never knew he was unkind.

You, who feel you are at fault,
And talk now to us in rash assault,
Must know that you are good at heart.
No sinful motive from the start.
Pity, though its outcome base,
Should not bring remorse to your face.

Lastly we, those you accuse,
Did not purposely our talent use
To shame a single one of you!
It is against our will to do!
Without knowing your reality,
There is no guilt that we can see.

How can you blame us, old man?
Though still we are shocked, we must defend
Ourselves from your judgment.
Our minds will not bend!
What unrighteousness do I hear! How can I listen as your try to justify what you have done to us? My companions, I fear this journey has only brought us more pain!
The children have not yet spoken. Perhaps they will bring affliction to our designers' minds.
Come forth, little ones.
The Herdsman steps back as the Children approach the Chorus.

First Child
Why have you been so cruel to us? We lived a happy childhood with games and laughter, and you took that away from us! Youth holds no joy for us now!
Second Child
How could you have done this? We, who were capable of no harm, were used as instruments of death by our wicked mother! And after that, you left us with no more days to atone for our deeds!
What can you mean by this?
First Child
By our own flesh and blood we were slain!
The Children quickly pull back their tunics to reveal wounds to their hearts.

Be merciful, Great Zeus!
First Child
We can see from your expressions that you know who we are. Our mother was Medea of Colchis, who deeply loved our father Jason. You should remember how our mother was wronged when he sought to marry the daughter of the King of Corinth.
Second Child
So angry was our mother that murder entered her thoughts! Her ways of sorcery enabled her to poison a woven dress and golden diadem, and we were made to deliver them! Weapons of darkness!
First Child
The King and his daughter died horrible deaths. Not even our great grandfather Helius could have saved them. But we never had a chance to cry for them!
Second Child
Mother, with eyes of fire, cut us down and stole our bodies away! O, the fright of that day!
The Children begin to cry.

Weep for the children.
Can you hear their cries?
Weep for those unwept for!
Those who sadly died.

Your torture is so very profound.
What could be more terrifying
Than the hand that calmed your infants sounds
Restoring mournful crying?

Weep for the children.
Truly they have done no wrong.
Yet tears are their instrument!
Tribulation is their song!

You have persuaded us to mourn.
You have persuaded us to grieve.
We have caused great harm to many.
Grant us no reprieve.
You admit your crimes?
We never fully denied them. We only misunderstood them.
You now see our pain?
Indeed, we also feel it.
Justice prevails! Listen now to what is required!
Hear the decree!
Second Child
Yes, listen!
No longer will you write these tragedies and thus heap sorrows upon innocent men. You will learn new trades, and never again...
Suddenly, there is a murmur in the audience, as Aristotle leaves his seat and makes his way to the stage.

You will be silent!
By whose command?
A citizen of Athens, and a man, both of whom benefit from tragedy!
Speak to them, Aristotle! Have you an answer to this conflict?
Indeed I do, for I know the purpose of these plays.

These tragedies are a form of imitation that men take great pleasure in seeing. Although these are imitations of sorrowful events, this is right, for in viewing pity and fear, written by our playwrights and experienced by you, our characters, man is purged of these harmful emotions that he will not be plagued by them to an extreme.

My sad people, take comfort in knowing that your lives have brought generations of people true favor! You have restored to them peace and reason through your suffering. You will be long remembered.

I call upon you, dear playwrights, to continue to honor the gods and Athens by your work. Let us proceed with the Dionysia! People of our plays, return from whence you came!
The Watchman, Herdsman, and Children slowly disappear as the Chorus gathers around Aristotle center stage.

We are grateful to you, man of wisdom! You have saved our festival, our occupation, and our tradition from a bitter end. May you live in moderation and die content! Now let us thank the gods of high Olympus!

Dionysus, you have satisfied
Each man's heart and mind
With this, your festival.

Athena, you have pleased
Each citizen with ease
With this, your city.

Zeus, you have blessed
Each resident and guest
With this, your will.


First swim of 2002

It poured rain this morning (luckily I was at bell choir practice), and then the sun came out! I passed a few 8 footers on DDR and then took my first swim of the year! (The water was nice and chilly, but I loved it.) I'm guessing I'll do much more swimming this year now that I don't have to worry about Stanze. Come on, sunshine!


Poetry award

I received a Third Place bronze medal from Poetry.com today! It's just a nice little bronze coin, but it's kind of cool since they receive thousands of poems a month and only pick around 100 winners total. You can find my name on the web site on this page. I really don't know which poem won, though, since I have submitted a few. Anyway, I was pleased.

My pal Tom loves to eat these weird little things called Veggie Chips. They taste OK, I guess, but after eating a few you feel like you just ate the packing material from your last Amazon.com purchase.


Pokemon 3: The Movie : 4 of 5

Although my poke-lust has waned quite a bit, I have to say that I loved Pokemon 3! This is the best movie of the bunch without a doubt - the story is very creative and kind of heartwarming, and the animation is actually beautiful - certainly way above the caliber of the series! The plot involves a little girl that creates a fantasy world driven by the power of some mysterious Pokemon called the "Unown", so there are lots of spectacular scenes and battles and tons of new Pokemon. Maybe I'll have to watch the series a little more - I still think Brock is the coolest.


Raccoon eyes

The Academy Awards party was a big success - this was my 5th year to host. There was some truly excellent food this year and the crowd of friends was just great. Check out the pictures!

Speaking of the awards, why oh why did Gwenyth look so terrible? I'm getting tired of the raccoon eyes anyway, and then she wears that awful dress. Sheesh - I'm going to have to watch Great Expectations again just to get the "true" Gwenyth back in mind.


Moulin Rouge : 4 of 5

It was great to see this movie on DVD, even though it seemed fresh in my memory from the theater. The sound was fantastic - I loved hearing the different parts of the music surrounding me with excellent 5.1 separation! I really enjoyed the story, and appreciated the acting a little more, since in the theater I was too obsessed with the amazing singing performance of Ewan (those Jedi can really sing). I was also prepared for Kylie Minogue as the Absinthe Fairy - what a sexy little Tinker Bell she makes! Moulin Rouge truly is a unique and wonderful film.


A Beautiful Mind : 4 of 5

I mainly saw this movie to be with friends, and because I figured it had a good chance for Best Picture (I was right!), but I ended up enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I think it was perfect that I didn't really know anything about the plot beforehand, so as the story unfolded I had no idea if the code-breaking spy hallucinations were real or not - in fact, I was fooled several times! Anyway, it was an enjoyable movie with good acting, even though I'm not really a Russell Crowe fan, and it's always good to say you've seen the Best Picture winner.

Jamba and champagne

I'm turning into a Jamba Juice junkie! My favorites are Orange Mango Zoom and Kiwi Berry Burner.

Did you know you can buy Dom Perignon at HEB?

I had a nice 3 mile walk this morning with the iPod. I would have ran it, but my shins are sore from too much DDR. Maybe the new Red Octane Ignition Pad will help my poor legs and feet (yes, I pre-ordered one - I've always wanted a Konami Deluxe Pad, and this should be just like it!).

"Trixie, this is no time to act like a girl!" (watching Speed Racer DVDs)

Academy Awards Party 2002

More contestants (and fashion statements) than ever in the annual "pick the winners" competition.

View photos: Academy Awards 2002

Trigun Vol 5 : 3 of 5

The Trigun series is getting super interesting now! After a quick episode featuring only Meryl and Milly (the two insurance girls who follow Vash around to try to prevent damages), the story gets really going into full action mode. Vash is up against Legato, a bizarre guy who can control minds and is out to destroy humanity, plus he has hired the Gung-Ho Guns, a group of wacky assasins with great nicknames. Vash manages to take them on in the other episodes, and then is forced to use another surprise - his gun morphs into a bizzare alien-looking arm that destroys a whole city and puts a big crater on the moon! (Now we know why he's called the Humanoid Typhoon!)


Early Madonna wins

This is my first official post from a little Mac OS X application, rather than using the usual web interface. Hopefully this will be easier and inspire me to blog more! (You know something is cool when it can be used as a verb.)

Early Madonna was so much better than today's Madonna. A song like "Lucky Star" is just perfect dance pop - fairly clever lyrics, too. Maybe that's why I've been enjoying Kylie Minogue - she's a great Madonna substitute.

Don't be shocked, but I'm considering a complete WEBmikey redesign. I think I want the whole thing to be blogs, because I have the desire to write a lot of stuff, but I'm too damn lazy to keep making HTML updates. I think if I come up with some cool templates that the whole thing could be great - Last 5 would be a breeze to update.

I don't link to things nearly enough - I'm not doing my part to complicate the web. I hereby vow to try to put more links in my posts (starting with this one).

Coffee and cognac are good for what ails ya.

Back from DC

I'm back from DC - I'll get a link to the photos up soon, I promise! This is a busy weekend for me, since I'm playing bells on Palm Sunday and then having my big Academy Awards party - next weekend may be even crazier with Easter activities. Oh well, staying busy is what it's all about.

I got a new digital camera today - a Canon PowerShot S40! I'm very excited about using it all over the place, especially when I go to LA next month to visit my pal Dae and get a Disneyland fix. I'll be able to grab some little movies with it, too, which should be really fun.

I'm feeling really overwhelmed with things I want to do - I want to listen to all of my CDs over and over, I have so many books I want to read, I want to watch all the good movies I haven't seen yet, I want to spend time improving WEBmikey, I want to play DDR and do other "active things", and I want to travel more. Of course, I have to find time to go to work in there somewhere. I think it's good to get this feeling, but it's difficult to figure out to do!

WEBmikey uses a lot of exclamation points!


Walt Disney Treasures: Disneyland USA : 3 of 5

Normally I would have bought this DVD set right away, since I love Disneyland so much, but I decided to rent it instead, because I've seen most of the segments on the Disney Channel. The main thing that's cool about the set is the original live ABC broadcast from the opening day in 1955 - the whole thing was shot with 22 live cameras, hosted by folks like Art Linkletter and Ronald Regan! It's really fun to watch things like the dedication speeches and flag raising, and then see the attractions filling up for the first time. Overall, the show is kind of a disaster, but is still pretty amazing for the time. The rest of the segments on the DVD are cool, but as I mentioned, I've already seen them all recently.


Washington, DC

My pal Tom was nice enough to accompany me to DC for my good friend Helen's wedding, and we had an amazing time. We were surprised at how much we were able to do in four days: tons of art galleries, Smithsonian museums, the National Zoo, and we ate lots of great food, too (and drank the mysterious horseradish vodka!). The wedding and the reception were a nice cap to the trip (but getting stuck in Dallas and driving back to Austin in a rental car was not).

View photos: Washington, DC with Tom


New iPod case

I'll be flying to Washington, DC day after tomorrow, so don't expect any WEBmikey updates this weekend (like that's any different from my regular non-schedule!). It should be a fun trip, so there will be plenty of photos to browse.

I just got a new iPod case today from Japan - it's called the Groove Jacket. This is actually my 4th case, since I just keep buying the next one I see that looks cool. I really like this one, though - it's a design challenge to protect the iPod and still show off the super cool looks, but I think the Groove Jacket does a great job!

I also got a new DDR mix today - DDR Extra Mix. I played for about 45 minutes at lunch today, and just finished a 30 minute session after 11:00 PM tonight! I really like it - it's so much fun to dance to new songs. It also never hurts to have a sexy cartoon nurse on the packaging saying, "I've waited so long time for this moment." This one has a female announcer, too - not nearly as over-the-top as the usual male DDR announcer, but she's pretty fun anyway.


I wrote this song "in my head" (without my guitar) on an airplane soon after my divorce. I was seriously considering the humanity of God and at the same time thinking about the "someone" I would one day meet. You can read the lyrics as both spiritual and romantic, which reflects how spirituality and romantic love are essentially the same thing in my mind. Someone who heard me sing this was convinced that in a past life I was part of the Knights Templar, who revered the biblical Mary Magdalene.

Someday I'll love you, my Magdalene
And help you believe in yourself
You'll see life in me
Love will flow into us
As rivers to the sea
Come quickly, Magdalene

The weight of the world and the masses
Press upon my soul
In dreams you appear to me
Anointing me with gold
We heal each other with our touch
Both equal and both whole
I wake to bright new sunlight
Still shining from our glow


You have doubts about your loveliness
I know them all too well
I will hold you until you believe it
Release you from your hell
I will always speak the truth to you
As clear as from a bell
That you and I are holy
We never ever fell


I don't know what you look like
You are beautiful
I don't know what you do to me
You love me
You speak to me and fill me with your words
The most accepting sound I've ever heard

Kylie Minogue / Fever : 4 of 5

Yes, I had the import version of this CD on my Amazon wish list even before Kylie decided to break into the US market - I had read some great stuff about her, so I had to check it out. Kylie's stuff is basically "modern disco flirt", and I can't get enough of it (it doesn't hurt that she tends toward some seriously skimpy outfits, either)! Some songs have better lyrics than others, but all of them have her cute voice and awesome move-factor. I think Dancefloor is my favorite - "gonna lose it in the music"!

Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True : 2 of 5

I generally have enjoyed Disney's series of DVD sequels, produced by their television animation department, but I'm afraid Cinderella 2 is the worst of the lot. The movie is really just a collection of three shorter stories involving the characters, woven together loosely with an interstitial plot. There is really no development of Cinderella at all - even in the first story about her learning to be a princess, she takes the whole thing in stride. The second story is just goofy (one of the mice becomes human), but the third story is the best, because we at least get to see one of Cinderella's stepsisters fall in love and become a changed person. The animation is very rushed, too. Oh well, at least the interactive game on the DVD was well done!


Daft Punk / Homework : 2 of 5

Having absolutely loved their latest album Discovery, I decided I should try out Daft Punk's previous CD. Well, it's not bad, but let me say that if I had heard this one first I wouldn't have sought out the next one! There are some cool dance tracks, but most of them are more like beat experiments with more sound effects than melody, and there are very few vocals (unlike Discovery). I've had this CD on my iPod for awhile, but I'm sad to say I end up skipping most tracks.


Go away wind

There are few things more frustrating than a beautiful day with terrible wind! Looking out the window yesterday made me so restless that I had to do a three mile run/walk around Town Lake, even though I had to hold my cap and crank up the iPod. I can't wait for warmer weather to be the norm again!

Finally I've added most of my recent Last 5 reviews to WEBmikey. I know, some of them are so old! Here's my excuse: I'm now so addicted to using my iBook in my rocking chair that I just can't bear to go sit in another room in front of my embarrassingly slow Pentium II 350! The problem is that I use Dreamweaver to edit WEBmikey (because I love it), and it's not available for Mac OS X yet. I hear it's going to be released very soon, and when that happens I expect to update everything and write much more. So, blame it on the rocking chair.


Girl of the Golden West : 4 of 5

Before this performance, I had never heard of this Puccini opera, set in the California gold rush, full of miners and gambling and whisky. I was pleasantly surprised - Girl of the Golden West features a semi-lighthearted plot, but still manages enough drama to support those soaring Puccini arias, and the cast did a fine job, too. The sets were incredible, including a snow-topped mountain that looked very real as people hiked around on it. This opera definitely isn't a tear-jerker, but I did manage to feel something for the characters and really enjoy the performance.


Rolling my Mazda

While I lived in Oklahoma City, I used to commute to Oklahoma University with my friend Scott - it was only a 20 minute drive. One day we were driving home on the highway in a slight drizzle in my Mazda GLC. I remember that "Back in the USSR" by the Beatles was on the radio, and one of my stereo speakers went out. I looked down and banged on the door a little to get it to kick in, and the car drifted off the road. When I looked up, I overcorrected and the car started fishtailing on the wet highway at 65 MPH! I finally got off the highway and into the muddy grass, but the car slid sideways and did one complete roll, shattering the windshield, and landing right side up. The first thing I heard was Scott saying, "Here's your glasses." We were both unscathed - no cuts, no bruises. However, the car was totaled. It's a miracle that Scott and I were both fine and back at school the next day!
My car was brown, but this is close to the actual model.


Beach Week

To all of my fellow Travel Channel junkies: Happy Beach Week, everybody!


Today I went to the 3D IMAX movie playing downtown called Cyberworld. The film is just a collection of computer generated effects (including the dance scene from Antz and the CG Homer from The Simpsons) held together by a goofy little story, but the experience of IMAX in 3D is unbelievable! I was amazed at how something can pop out and sit on your lap even though the screen is so huge. There were several scenes involving movement though landscapes which were twice as disorienting as they are in regular IMAX films - I even had to close my eyes once or twice! It was a great experience - I'm so glad Austin has an IMAX theater.

Mulan : 5 of 5

I bought this DVD just before Disney put it in the vault, and I'm so glad I did - I had rented Mulan a long time ago and was very impressed. This is a great Disney movie, with beautiful songs - I love Mulan's introspection song, plus the cool rhythms of the soldiers' training song are really great. The animation is spectacular - I am still amazed everytime I see thousands of Huns on horseback plowing down that snow-covered mountain! Even the comedy is good - Eddie Murphy is much better as Mushu than he was as the donkey in Shrek!


Return to Never Land : 5 of 5

I actually wasn't expecting much from this movie, especially since it was made by Disney's TV animation group and from the bad reviews I read. Boy, was I surprised! I'm sure it was just a case of my Disney affection, but I absolutely loved it! I thought that story was pretty good, the animation was much better than I thought it would be (although the CGI did stick out way too much), and the music was wonderful - no big musical numbers, but nice simple songs to express the mood. The contemporary version of "Second Star to the Right" made me cry - as did seeing Peter say goodbye to the adult Wendy. What can I say? I love Disney.

Jonathan's Birthday Party

A great bash for Jonathan, featuring music, lots of booze, and fun with a wheelbarrow.

View photos: Jonathan's Birthday 2002

Theater full of kids

I just saw the new Peter Pan movie, Return to Never Land - it would be nice if I could have rented an 8 year old to go with me, but I still had a great time watching the movie in a theater full of kids and parents. Wow, Disney movies sure know how to make me cry - I was sobbing just hearing "The Second Star to the Right" sung during the opening credits! Expect a review in Last 5 soon!

I've had some excellent DDR sessions recently! Today I passed several songs on Maniac that I hadn't before, including some 8 footers! Someday soon I know I'll finally pass those elusive 9 footers (and then collapse from exhaustion).