Doggies at Disneyland

I received my 1958 Disneyland gate map (the brochure you get as you walk in) today! Can you believe that they used to have kennels to leave your dog or cat all day for 25 cents?

Yesterday I had a bit of food poisoning - immediately after lunch I felt absolutely awful and had to go home and sleep. Thankfully I slept through the potential disaster part (if you know what I mean). Today I was a little week, but tomorrow I should feel tip top again.

OK, the first day of rain was wonderful, but now the 4th day in a row is getting tiresome. Sigh.

Space: 1999 Vol 1 : 4 of 5

At last I managed to rent Volume 1, containing the pilot episode, "Breakaway". Somewhere in my subconscious I remembered seeing the moon blasted from Earth orbit by exploding nuclear waste, but it was exciting to see it all happen again. After the first episode, the series immediately takes on it's bizarro character - this is the most mystical science fiction series I know of. The second episode has Helena's husband back from the dead, and the third episode has the moon going into a black hole, with results just as crazy as the Disney flick. I don't know why this series never took on a standard Star Trek tone, but it's kind of fun since these plots always keep me guessing (and often laughing).


Planet of the Apes / Pierre Boulle : 4 of 5

After seeing the so-so remake, I thought I should reread the original novel, since its so different from the plot of both movies of the same name. It's a great story, told in the first person of the "Taylor" character (who is French in the story), as he becomes a part of ape society over many years. However, that society has their own language and the technology for cars and airplanes (not just kooky looking caves and guns). The end of the book is a total Twilight Zone ending (much like the remake), but it doesn't take away from the clever, if slow moving, plot.


Running zone

I actually hit my running "zone" this morning - it's the place where suddenly I feel like I could go on indefinitely and I don't want to stop. I walked my first half-mile today, then ran the whole remaining mile and a half! I haven't run that far without stopping since the last 5K I did over 6 months ago - and I felt better doing it today than I did then. Maybe it's my shoes that I'm breaking in for Walt Disney World.


Disneyland in 1964

I've got a 1964 Disneyland map on the way, thanks to some sneaky multi-browser eBay techniques. You may not think the 1964 would be that different from the 1966 I've got coming, but they are entirely different from a graphics point of view (plus from 1966 on they included Space Mountain as a future attraction - the 1964 has the old Tomorrowland, plus the original helicopter service from the airport!).

We had a fantastic rain yesterday - it was so weird to see rain again that I stuck out my head on my terrace and soaked it just for fun.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks : 3 of 5

I used to love movies about good magic as a kid - I even bought a harmonica after I saw Escape to Witch Mountain thinking I would be able to do magic. Anyway, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is kind of the same category, so as I kid I enjoyed it. It was much less exciting as an adult pretending to be a kid - the songs are great, but the story drags a little (especially in this 2 hour 15 minute version) and the grand finale just isn't very grand. This movie wanted to be Mary Poppins so badly that it shows - it's still fun to watch, though.


Dragonflies humping
In mid-air in the morning
I wonder who steers?

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is an incredible new cartoon - I hope they can keep up the quality of the pilot movie in subsequent episodes! The action-packed style is really exciting, and the visual techniques (no black outlines are used) are innovative and make the show look like a living storybook (the hand-painted backgrounds help, too). Check out the Cartoon Network site and start watching!

I finally got my philosophy paper on the site, but that was because I didn't have to retype it. Someday I'll go into a frenzy and get my papers on Shakespeare and Greek Tragedy up. (I'll bet you can't wait!)


I won!

OK, I got the 1966 - whew! Man, it's been a while since I had to be so ruthless on eBay! Now I can keep my childhood Disneyland map (I got it when I was 5 years old, so the condition is terrible), and frame and hang this cool 1966 edition when it arrives!

Bidding war

Aarrrgh! Outbid in the last 10 seconds - no kidding! My opponent and I went back and forth twice in the final few minutes, but I lost. Damn - I'm going to try for a 1966 map now.

Crossing my fingers

The suspense is killing me - 10 minutes, 50 seconds to go on an eBay auction for a 1962 Disneyland map that I want really bad! Hope I get it - I'll let you know!


TiVo random frames

I think that "last frames" of things that TiVo records are really interesting. What I mean is that when TiVo records a show, there are usually the first few minutes of whatever came on afterwards, so when I fast-forward to the end of the recording, it stops on some random frame of something (part of a commercial, the opening of the next show, or whatever). These last frames are so cool because of their complete randomness - there's no way I could ever consciously create a collection of such varied images. It would be fascinating to see a set of these all together. (I know, this is a bizarre thing to talk about, but I really do think about this everytime I watch a recording!)

I'm finally getting around to some old Last 5 reviews. They're weeks old, but I don't think any entertainment decisions are made based on WEBmikey reviews anyway.


Someday I'll be lazy

I need to buy two more sets of drums, then I'd have one always set up for rehearsal, one at home for practicing (which I never get to do now), and one in the car for gigs and such. That would be so nice - my problem is that I'm not willing to buy the cheap stuff anymore (even the good ol' Yahama Power Special is pretty crappy for my taste now). Maybe someday I can afford to be a lazy drummer.

I have so many things I want to read, watch and do, but no time. Guess this always happens when I'm out of town for a weekend.

Do you think dogs really get jealous when they smell another dog on your clothes?


The Others : 4 of 5

I don't see many horror movies, but when I do, I like "way out" movies much better than "this could be real" movies, so The Others was spine-tingling, but really enjoyable. Nicole does an amazing job in what is basically a one woman show, and the eerie darkness of everything (due to the children's light sensitivity) is so spooky that if you leave the theater in the daytime you will feel like it should be night. The big secret of the plot is cool, though it starts to become apparent a little too soon for me.

Another book

I got another book about Walt Disney World yesterday to read on the plane home today. At least now I know I will be there with a mere 25,000 other people in September!


Captain Corelli's Mandolin : 4 of 5

OK, so I like almost any kind of movie, including sappy romances. I wasn't sure I would enjoy this one, since the trailer made it look so sugary and highlighted the unconvincing parts of Nick's accent (he does much better in the entire film as a whole), but I was surprised - this is a great film with just the right amount of romance and character development, with a little action as a bonus (enough to keep Dad awake!). I think John Hurt did the best job in the acting department, and the scenery is downright beautiful of course (Penelope isn't bad either, but she's not my type).


Rat Race : 2 of 5

Definitely a rehash of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, but ultra-predictable. No one really stands out as super funny in this movie - John Cleese seems to be just paying off a car or something. There are plenty of totally crazy situations for the characters to play against, which make for some genuinely funny stuff, but nothing memorable, really. The worst part is the last scene at a Smashmouth concert where we get to hear "All-Star" yet again! (The most overused song in recent years - see my Shrek review.) Yuck!

First try

I just tried my first ever game of Dance Dance Revolution (I don't know why I haven't seen one of these in Austin, but they have one in Oklahoma City!). I didn't do very well - the machine tried to break it to me gently by yelling, "Your moves are lame!" I think if I had the time and guts I could be good (yeah, sure I could).

Final flight ceremony

The flight from Austin to Dallas was really memorable - it was the final flight for a retiring captain (after 32 years of flying with Delta). When we landed in Dallas, his wife met us just off the main runway so she could be in the cockpit for the last taxi into the gate. There were also two fire engines ready for us - the tradition for a retirement flight is to taxi between two engines with their hoses blasting! It was like a huge car wash, and everyone applauded. I can't imaging how many take-offs and landings that pilot must have made in 32 years!

Everyone should buy the latest issue of WIRED just for the photos of the Hello Kitty vibrator and douche. Now that's branding!


Off to Oklahoma City

I'll be flying to Oklahoma City today to visit my parents for my Dad's birthday. I should be able to update the blog easily from Dad's computer, but just in case, you have been warned.

What the heck did Roy do on the classic Mickey Mouse Club except look like a goofball?

Glamorama / Bret Easton Ellis : 3 of 5

As you may know, I'm a fan of Bret Easton Ellis, mainly because I love detail-filled, name-dropping fiction. I got this book for Christmas 2000, and started reading it quickly, but I really slowed down once the plot turned gruesome, so I didn't finish until August! The book is fun to read (for the most part) because of the excellent descriptions, the lifestyles no one could ever lead, and the weird themes (such as freezing air conditioning and the ever-present confetti), but the plot becomes filled with senseless terrorism and graphic murder descriptions (like American Psycho). At the root, it's an excellent parody, but I found the intensity a little over the top for my taste.


Search engine mischief

Some loyal WEBmikey devotees love to play with my search engine (provided by Atomz). Every week I get a report of all of the things people searched on, and it usually contains some fun items! Some of my favorites (that I can say without shocking you) are "pics of mikey naked" and "why are there no updates lately". I'll bet the folks at Atomz never dreamed their service would be used as a clandestine way of messing with someone. (And if you haven't used the search, try it! You may want to start by analyzing my overuse of the word "amazing".)

I want my Crunch

This entry counts for 8/14, since I was too tired last night to make it! Anyway, after a long band rehearsal with Round Midnight, I decided on the way home to give in and make a Cap'n Crunch run. I love cereal, but I usually don't buy it because I will eat it until I explode, but last night I just thought I would treat myself anyway. So, I'm at HEB at 10:30 and every single box of Cap'n Crunch is gone! Sure, they had some yucky Peanut Butter Crunch, but no classic Crunch - not even Crunchberries! That was so Twilight Zone I couldn't believe it.


College stuff

When are they going to make more episodes of TV Funhouse? I swear I've deleted those same 8 or so episodes from TiVo about a hundred times. Sheesh!

I finally got my college diploma framed, after it sat in a box for over 10 years. I have to say it looks pretty cool. The same box my diploma was in is stuffed full of just about every sheet of paper I used during college, too - I can't believe I still have it. All of my class notes, papers, tests - you name it. It's funny how the subjects that have nothing to do with my career, like Shakespeare, look so familiar, while "important" classes like Matrix Transformations or Large Scale Scientific Computing look like I'm reading someone else's notes.


Help! : 1 of 5

I guess I just rented this on a whim, but I have to say that this movie is a total stinker. The music is great, of course, and I timed that they sing a song every 8 minutes during the film - I was dying for those 8 minutes to pass each and every time. The plot is stupid, the script is stupid (mostly ad-libbed, I'm sure), and the thing just drags on until by the time it was over I was exhausted. The only thing I enjoyed was the Beatles' pad, with the separate beds and furnishings for each personality (so now I know that the Spice Girls totally ripped that off in Spice World!).

Disney tears

There aren't enough hours in the weekend! After goofing around town and going to a party on Saturday, then a day of rehearsal and swimming on Sunday, I'm exhausted just when I need to finish laundry and all that mundane stuff. All I want to do is smoke a pipe and watch Disney cartoons on TiVo.

Speaking of Disney (and I think of little else these days since I'm excited about my Florida trip next month), I have a weird habit of getting weepy-eyed everytime I hear certain Disney songs, especially "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. How many times do I have to hear that song without getting the sniffles? I don't even know why it affects me - possibly because it's beautiful, possibly because Ariel is singing about something she wants but can never have (but since this is Disney, she does get the impossible), or possibly because I miss being a kid (even though I try to be one everyday).


Cowboy baskets

At the cafe in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (where I just went to watch an IMAX movie), they serve burger baskets in little upside-down cowboy hats. That would be so cool if I were six years old!

For some reason, nearly every woman at the grocery store today was beautiful (even the ones with kids).

Old Disneyland map

My mom found my old map of Disneyland, printed in the early 70's (it even has Space Mountain listed as a "future attraction"). It still has all of the old rides I loved that are gone now, so I'm going to frame it and enjoy the Disneyland of my youth on my wall.

Blogging goal

It feels like WEBmikey is a little stale, mainly because I never feel like working on it after sitting in front of a monitor all day at work. But I can at least share a thought or two in this blog everyday, right? So that's what I'm going to do, for as long as I can do it - a daily blog entry of random fluff. Collect 'em all!

Now that the Disney Channel is included in my regular cable line-up, I have been totally digging tons of classic Disney cartoons. I always had the impression that there weren't too many Disney shorts (compared to Warner Bros. anyway), but there must be hundreds of them! I've recently seen the first Huey, Dewey, and Louie short, plus lots of the Silly Symphony series. (By the way, Mickey was much cooler before he had pupils.)


Close Encounters of the Third Kind : 5 of 5

This will always be Steven Speilberg's best film, full of beautiful effects and great believable characters. I bought this new 2 DVD set rather than renting it, and the supplemental DVD has some great stuff on it, including some wacky footage they shot of the aliens that was never used. The version of the movie included here has all the extra cool scenes from the "Special Edition" that was released in the theaters, but without the "inside the mothership" scene, which was nice to look at, but took away the audiences' imagination, which was a shame. (When I was a kid I actually wrote to the little boy Cary Guffey, and his mom sent me his T-ball photo!)


Cowboy Bebop: Session 5 : 4 of 5

Another series that takes forever to get from Netflix, but it's worth the wait. Session 5 has some really great episodes - one includes today's space shuttle (it's a relic in the story, of course) that actually launches and saves the day, and another one includes one of the best animated fight sequences I've seen, between Spike and this bizarre crazed clown guy that floats in a balloon suit (hard to explain, but it's super creepy). This volume gets back to the original formula a little - nice action with jazz incidental music. (Plus one of the episodes has the awesome title, "Boogie Woogie Feng Shui"!)

Flashback episodes

Why are so many episodes of Cardcaptors full of flashback rehash of previous episodes? I love the show, but it can be so frustrating!

I'm having such a relaxing morning, dreaming about Disney World and planning a day of tooling around town. Maybe this weekend I can get some major WEBmikey catch-up work done.


Robin Hood : 2 of 5

I hate to give a Disney classic such a low rating, but Robin Hood just isn't that great. I love the character design - making foxes cute while still showing their little teeth must have been tough - but reusing Baloo from The Jungle Book as Little John is pretty much cheating (he even has the same voice!). I'm not even fond of the folky music either - way too hick for me. I can't say it's all terrible, because I remember really loving this as a kid, but now it's just very plain when there are so many other great Disney films to watch instead.


Cake / Comfort Eagle : 4 of 5

I have been a Cake fan from the beginning, seeing them in concert after only their first CD. Comfort Eagle follows the same formula, which is a great thing! I think they have a new guitar player, which is a shame, but he follows the same style of playing, which he should to keep the Cake sound. The lyrics are very cool and bizarre, as usual - my favorite is "Symphony in C". I just wish the last track wasn't included - it doesn't fit at all.


Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol 1 : 2 of 5

There's no way around it - this anime is only for folks who want to watch big cartoon boobies flopping around. Pioneer doesn't hide it either - the interactive menus on the DVD all feature giant breast close-ups that even "bounce". The story is only vaguely interesting, and Nanako is so stupid that she makes Chrissy on Three's Company look intelligent. There are a few interesting twists that imply that Nanako is some sort of genetic creation, so maybe I'll have to watch the next DVD in the series. Maybe. And in case you're wondering, there are only four frames of actual nudity (I counted).

Juliana Hatfield / Become What You Are : 2 of 5

Yet another CD I had to buy after hearing some semi-legal MP3s. Unfortunately, I like the select MP3s much better than the whole album, but that's OK. "Sister" and "Spin the Bottle" are fantastic songs that make the album worth owning, though I think I like the newer (Beautiful Creature) Juliana better.


Any WEBmikey reader knows about my love for Disneyland, and thankfully I was able to visit when I was very young and experience some attractions that just don't exist anymore. Where do closed Disneyland attractions go? To Yesterland, of course! This great site includes information and photos of every ride, restaurant, show or anything that has been closed at Disneyland, so now you can lament the loss of Adventure Thru Inner Space or the more recent demise of Submarine Voyage. At least we have our memories!

Visit site: Yesterland