Good bye, Stanze

My first dog, Stanze, died at 4:00 AM this morning. She was 15 years old, which is a long time for a beagle, and she was with me her entire life. When she developed a tumor the vet gave her two weeks to live, but she managed to stay with me two more years - she was really an amazing dog. Of course, she was a pain, too, but who wouldn't be at 115 years old (human years)? Stanze fought through major surgery this time, and almost recovered, but eventually succumbed to infection. I'm glad she had a nice life, though I'm going to miss her begging for a long time.


Enjoy it

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just enjoy life - not everything has a purpose, not everything has to be productive. We are each given many, many hours to just goof off and marvel at how great it is to be alive.


Flock of butterflies?

I just took my first walk in a long while (since I joined the DDR revolution, anyway) to enjoy the nice holiday weather. It was really humid, but the walk was peaceful and wonderful - I saw so many butterflies! It made me remember how when I was walking before I used to see so many dragonflies - amazing how the seasons change everything. What's the proper term for a "flock" of butterflies, anyway?

Thanksgiving with Chris and Eliza and all of my other friends was fantastic! As predicted, we ended up playing a lot of DDR! The food was spectacular - I should have some pictures for you later this weekend.


Thanksgiving 2001 with Chris & Eliza

Even more food than last year, but we played lots of DDR so we didn't gain an ounce.

View photos: Thanksgiving 2001


Jonathan's Pie Party

The night before Thanksgiving, always prime the pump with as much pie as possible.

View photos: Jonathan's Pie Party


The Endless Summer Revisited : 3 of 5

This is a documentary of Bruce Brown and his filmmaking created by his son, focusing mainly on the making of the original Endless Summer and the sequel (which isn't available on DVD - how rude!). It was really interesting to hear some of the "secrets" of Endless Summer - how some of the "comedy" scenes were later shot in Bruce's backyard, and how they self-distributed the film until the studios saw what a gem it was. It was also cool to see some of the "stars" today - all making surfboards or somehow involved in the sport still. Now, if I could just see Endless Summer 2!


Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope Tour : 2 of 5

I know, why did I rent this DVD? I confess - I read about it on the DDR Freak forums, so I though why not watch it? It was fairly enjoyable - the dancing for the most part was cool, though sometimes too complex to even be interesting. The concert sets and costumes were excellent - especially the wild giant toy box set! I'm only a minor fan of Janet, so I did fast-forward a lot, but it was fun to watch anyway.


Samurai X Vol 1 : 4 of 5

I suppose this is my first "historical" anime series, set in the late period of the Samurai just before the Meji Restoration. The series is a fictional retelling of a historical legend involving the greatest assassin who ever lived and his lover/wife (whom he rescued after killing her fiancee). The story is involved, but easily deciphered with the background material on the disc, and the animation and action is nice (though this is the bloodiest series I've ever watched). I like the dialogue - so many ancient sayings about sake and flowers. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this series!

Excited doggie

Stanze is always so excited to come home from the "Doggie Hotel" (which is our official euphamism for the kennel) - she always jumps out of the car and runs to the front door like she just can't wait to get inside. She's so cute for a 115 year old woman!

I watched the 90 minute premiere of Justice League today - not too shabby! It's good that Cartoon Network is funding WB projects like this show, which might not have made it to the air otherwise. The animation is nice (though a little more rushed than the original Batman and Superman series) and the story was pretty good, too. I only have two small complaints - I suppose they were unable to get Tim Daly to voice Superman again, so that took a little getting used to, and here's the big one - why is Wonder Woman flying? I've always thought Martian Manhunter was cool, so it's great to see him in a cartoon!


Post from Waco

Howdy - this is just a quick entry because I'm here in Waco with my parents, and Dad just said that my Aunt Vee was wondering why there weren't any updates lately. So, here's an update!



Three dollars, six songs
Thirty minutes of sweating
Lunch-time DDR


Everything But The Girl / Temperamental : 4 of 5

This EBTG CD is a little more sound focused - the vocals are a little less memorable. However, I actually chose this CD because of that, and I like it. The heavy beats are really danceable and the overall flow of the album is nice. I still like Walking Wounded much better, but this is a nice follow-up. I'm sure there will be more EBTG in my collection soon.

Friends and magnets

After seeing Monsters, Inc. (super creative and fun), I had some friends over last night to play DDR. It's amazing how anyone who tries it really likes it, once they get the basic concept down. I had a nice session this morning, and I passed my first 8 footer!

While my pals where here, I had a few more magnetic poetry compositions on my fridge, so I figured I should get my Magnetic Poetry page up right away. WARNING: This is the raunchiest stuff you will find anywhere on WEBmikey! Magnetic poetry just brings out the "creativity" in people, I guess.

I had to install a new version of BlogBack, but I think I messed up when converting the old comments, so it looks like we're starting fresh. Thanks to everyone who commented before - keep doing it! It's fun! Maybe there will be a prize for the best comment!


Monsters, Inc. : 5 of 5

Of course, I'm in love with this movie - not only am I a Pixar fan, but there is no way they could go wrong with this storyline, which is as creative as creativity gets! A few things that stand out are Sully's fantastic blue fur (unbelievable for CGI animation), the hilarious TV commercial for the company they work for ("I'm Monsters, Inc!"), and the tearful goodbye between Sully (Kitty) and the sweetie pie girl (if they had put a sad song in the soundtrack there I would have had to leave the theater crying!). The finale chase popping in and out of doors has to be seen to be believed, as well. I'm all set to preorder this one on DVD.

Nina Gordon / Tonight and the Rest of My Life : 3 of 5

Nina was part of Veruca Salt, and I'm thinking she was the "good part", since this CD is really entertaining. There are a few tracks that are quite Veruca-esque (and rightfully so) with cool guitars, plus a lot of love songs that are much more quiet. There are only a few tracks that just bore me - in general, this is a great CD to sing along with.

Cool things

A lot of cool things have happened since my last post:
  • I got my new dance pad, so I'm happily part of the revolution once more. I'm now playing everything in Trick mode, and it's a blast. I played on the Drag again, too, and some kid named Justin encouraged me to push myself to exhaustion.
  • I went to the Carousel last night for Stella's 13th anniversary party - it was fun to relax in a crowded bar with friends. It's fun to do anything with friends, actually.
  • I just saw the first Christmas decorations up at the mall. I know it's early, but I don't care - Christmas is fun!
  • John K.'s The Ripping Friends is pretty fun - watch it if you are a Ren & Stimpy fan starving for outlandish cartoons!
  • 11.01.2001

    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace : 4 of 5

    I'm so glad that Lucasfilm released this on DVD before the release of Episode II, because now my Star Wars muscles are all flexed and ready to go again. I also had the chance to realize that Episode I really is a good movie and has a great story - it's just destroyed by the bad acting of Jake Lloyd as Anakin! If that little turd hadn't been cast, we all would have enjoyed the movie so much more (the DVD includes the final audition of Jake and two other kids - both of which were better by far!). The additional material is wonderful - beautiful extra scenes finished just for the DVD and fantastic documentaries that are truly entertaining and revealing. It took two days to watch all of the special features, but it was worth it!

    Ben Folds / Rockin' the Suburbs : 4 of 5

    As a big fan of Ben Folds Five, I was crushed when the band broke up. I'm so glad that Ben has continued to make music - this album is just great! The sound is very much like the Five with lots of piano, but a little more introspective. There are several story songs on here that are a little sad, the hilarious title track, and the amazing "The Luckiest", which is a sappy song that feels just like something I would write. I love it!